At Merry Puppins, our mission is to provide the very best animal care to your family. 

We have two core values. 

Our first core value is LOVE. We do this work because we truly love animals and are dedicated to providing the very best care when you can’t be there for them. Love is the foundation of our business, and we aim to demonstrate that every day when we go to work. We are setting a higher standard in animal care, because animals deserve it. We live our dreams by working with animals every day. We love our work, and we love our clients.
Our second core value is TRUST. We recognize that you are investing a lot of trust in us. Animals are family members, and we come into your home to care for them. We deliver the highest level of accountability  by providing  you  with detailed real-time information on our activities with your animals, accurate and timely billing practices, and impeccable customer service. 


We enagage in  ongoing training to ensure that we deliver the best quality care and utilize best practices every day. ​
Our Animal Caregivers receive up-to-date training and certification in 1st Aid,  CPR,  dental care, senior care,  and health & wellness for companion animals through Pet Tech.  Sometimes the unexpected happens... we are prepared when it does. 

In addition to Pet Tech training,  our Animal Caregivers are provided with training opportunities in a variety of areas on a rolling basis. Topics include nutrition, bite prevention, positive reinforcement, socialization skills and environmental enrichment, medication administration, small animal care, and more. 


The entire Merry Puppins Team is insured through PetCare Insurance. 
Our team is insured through PetCare Insurance, including Employee Dishonesty Coverage, for your peace of mind.
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Background  Checks

Our  employees are  hired only  after passing an ACUTRAQ Background Check designed specifically for pet sitters. 

Our Philosophy

Our Animal Caregivers are EMPLOYEES, not contractors. Why does this make a difference? Contractors complete their work as they see fit. We not only fully train our employees, we hold everyone at Merry Puppins to our very high standards. Our employees are Team Members, not temps  who are just filling in. We are 100% committed to providing  our team with the support and training they need in order to  ensure that we deliver top notch care.  We are invested and committed to the  growth and success of our Team Members.  We aim to be a fabulous and fulfilling place to work, so that the satisfaction of our team can be seen in the work we deliver. We hire only those who are passionate about animal care, and we believe you'll see the difference this makes. 


Certified Woman Owned Business

Certified LGBT Owned Business

Certified Disability Owned Business

Our Graphic Artist and Web Designer
Merry Puppins is thrilled to support young entrepreneur Mia Margherita Trevellini Wahila, who is responsible for our logos, as well as our fabulous website design! Mia worked on this project for Merry Puppins as she entered 9th grade at Taylor  Allderdice  High School.
You'll be seeing big things from Mia!