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About Merry Puppins

At Merry Puppins, our goal is to provide the very best care to your pets.

Our Team has Two Core Values:


Love is the foundation of our business, and we aim to demonstrate that every day at every visit. We do this work because we truly love animals and are dedicated to providing the very best care when you can’t be there for your furry family members. We also love our Team Members and strive to be an awesome place to work!


We get it – trusting someone with your pet is tough. We recognize that you are investing a lot of trust in us. We aim to provide the highest level of accountability and transparency by providing detailed real-time information about your pet’s day, accurate and timely billing practices, and impeccable customer service.

Meet Melissa!

Founder, Certified Professional Pet Sitter, Certified Pet Tech First Aid and CPR Instructor

Melissa founded Merry Puppins with the goal of raising the standard of in-home pet care- because pets deserve it! Her dedication to pets is shown through her 20 years of foster work, pet shelter care, and work with animals with medical and behavioral needs.
With a passion for learning, Melissa is proud to have earned the titles of Certified Professional Pet Sitter and Certified Pet Tech First Aid and CPR Instructor. She believes that through continuing education, she and Merry Puppins can provide THE best and safest pet care experience.
Melissa is constantly surrounded by animals, both at work and at home. She lives with three dogs, two cats, and one rabbit. Some of her best furriends have extensive medical and behavioral needs.
When not caring for pets, Melissa enjoys camping, hiking, reading, gardening, cooking, listening to podcasts and spending time with her wife, Dawn.

Wonderful! Thank you, Melissa. It is such a pleasure to work with you and your team. I just referred you to one of my neighbors today! She asked me if I had any recommendations for dog walkers, so I passed along your website, along with my glowing endorsement. – Marla M.

Meet the Team!

Every member of Merry Puppins is a trained professional. We invest heavily in our team so that they can provide the best and safest care to your pets.

Kim - Midday Manager<br />



Midday Manager

Kim joined our team in June of 2021, and has become the glue that holds our team together Monday through Friday! She is our weekday Team Leader where she is in charge of updating pet care instructions and supporting our team to ensure that we consistently provide the very best pet care! She also helps out with scheduling, meeting new clients, and loves to visit pets, too!
Originally from Johnstown, PA, Kim has 3 kitty foster failures, and enjoys birdwatching, drawing, and hiking.

Kim says, “what I love most about Merry Puppins is the strong teamwork between caregivers and the hard work the team leaders put into making sure everyone is equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools to achieve success. I also obviously enjoy interacting with the pets daily and building that relationship with them.”

Thanks so much Kim. Yes, she take all the cuddles, hugs and love that you want to give. Lol. Feel free to pick her up if you like and give her a head kiss from us. We miss her already and know that she’s in the best hands with you all. Have a great day! ❤, Andrea and Mike M.

Sophia Weekend Team Leader/ Senior Pet Sitter



Weekend Team Leader/ Senior Pet Sitter

Sophia cannot imagine life without animals! Growing up in Portland, Oregon, her family had many pets including dogs, cats, and birds. Sophia went to college in Seattle, where she and her husband Jack adopted two rescue cats, Lucy & Sasha. After college and moving to Pittsburgh after college, Sophia went to the Northside Humane Animal Rescue ‘just to look’, and came home with Roxie, a shepherd mix with elf ears – it was love at first sight! Sophia began as a Merry Puppins client and loved the service so much that she wanted to work with the team! She came on board in November, 2019.

For fun, other than playing with animals, Sophia loves baking bread and desserts, reading, and traveling.

“Thank you Sophia for taking care of my sweet Pokie:) can’t wait to see her later today!” – Patricia S.
Rachel. Weekend Team Leader/ Senior Pet Sitter



Weekend Team Leader/ Senior Pet Sitter

Rachel is a lifelong animal lover. Both professionally and personally, she has always been surrounded by animals! She has been part of our team since the beginning, and helps out with all our projects.

As the former owner of a natural pet supply store, Rachel has encountered many opportunities to foster and adopt animals in need. At one point, Rachel shared her home with 1 husband, 2 daughters, 3 dogs, 5 rats, 1 mouse, 1 chinchilla (a foster failure), 10 chickens (…well, they were in the yard!), 1 duck, and several fish. Rachel regularly fosters kittens for local shelters, and has a knack for rescuing kittens on her own as well. She has also fostered guinea pigs and a hedgehog. Outside of work, Rachel enjoys spending time with her family, building things, being crafty, and traveling.

“He looks like he’s having so much fun – thank you!” – Ari R.

Karey Senior Pet Sitter



Senior Pet Sitter

Karey has always loved animals. As a girl, she often found injured birds or stray animals to help. She grew up with dogs most of her life, plus a guinea pig, gerbil, bunny, and fish. Her family currently shares their home with two cats, Teal and Taffy. Taffy was adopted from Animal Friends where Karey worked for 5 years as an Adoption Counselor/ Offsite Adoption Event Coordinator!

Karey has two kids who have special needs at home, and while family keeps her busy, Karey’s love for animals has never changed. As her children have grown, Karey has stressed the importance of care and kindness to animals as a family value. Spending time with neighborhood furriends and educating her kids on how to help an animal in need has been an awesome experience to pass along. Karey truly loves her work at Merry Puppins, and as a highly skilled and experienced member of our team since August 2020, she is also beloved by everyone she works with!

“Karey is simply phenomenal. It is no small feat for Cutch to be comfortable with someone, and he, now, waits for her at the top of the stairs. We feel completely comfortable going away knowing that Karey is taking care of Cutch and Benny.” – Josh C.
Pet Sitter Julia



Pet Sitter

Julia joined Merry Puppins in January 2022. She is from Pittsburgh and loves exploring the outdoors with all the dogs she gets to know and love! She also enjoys walking in the woods, reading, singing in a choir, dancing, practicing Spanish, and learning Japanese.

Julia grew up with dogs, and has many fond memories of them. She says their dogs Ginger and Cookie were super tolerant of her and her sister’s antics. Julia loves Pittsburgh, and says, “It’s home! I love the parks, I love the neighborhoods. I love all the ‘Pittsburgh connections’ between everyone here, you only have to talk to someone for five minutes to find someone you both know!”

“Julia seemed to do great with Charli and Linus. Great notes and pictures! They looked like they had a fun weekend!” – Patti C.
Elanore<br />
Pet Sitter



Pet Sitter, Weekend Team Leader

Elanore grew up in Rochester, NY and moved to the area to attend Slippery Rock University. She’s an avid hiker, loves cooking and loves to read! In her free time she dances with a modern dance company.

When asked what she loves about working at Merry Puppins, she says, “I love spending time with animals. Getting to spoil them with love and long walks! I feel like I have a hundred new best friends and it brings joy to my life to spend time with all of them!” She joined our team in August 2022, and became a Weekend Team Leader in March 2023.

“Aw such cute pics!!! Love the sandwich action pic!!! Good choice on Schenley Farms Terrace, he has opted for that lately with me too 🙂 Thanks Elanore” – Alison B.
Isabella Pet Sitter



Pet Sitter

Isabella grew up in Pittsburgh with dogs, cats, hermit crabs, fish and hamsters! She moved to Philadelphia to attend Tyler School of Art at Temple University and graduated with a BFA in Sculpture. When not working with pets, Isabella is making art. She worked at a doggie daycare in Philadelphia during college, and also has a lot of volunteer experience with dogs, cats, and alpacas! Isabella has a miniature dachshund named Olive, and she also enjoys horseback riding. When asked what she likes about working at Merry Puppins, she said, “I love how much Merry Puppins cares for its clients and employees. It’s very personalized and authentic which isn’t something you come across often!” Isabella has been a valued team member since August 2022.

“I know this probably seems ridiculous, but the fact that Orly took treats out of your hand on his first day meeting you – I’m so proud of him and impressed by you. He is terrified of strangers and him going up to you on day one – I’m over the moon. I was “that pet parent” at work and went around to show all of my coworkers the picture of him going up and taking treats from you. I figured he would go into his crate when bribed with a Kong, but I never thought he’d approach you on Day One. He is absolutely exhausted and has been snuggling me on the couch for the past couple of hours, so his lunchtime interactions definitely wiped him out! Thank you so much.” – Heather H.
Torin - Pet Sitter



Pet Sitter, Weekend Team Leader

Torin grew up in a small town outside of Pittsburgh with many cats and a dog. She lives with her partner and two cats, Baloo and Bagheera. She says, “They bring so much laughter and an infinite amount of love to our lives!” In addition to her cats, Torin is passionate about caring for her plants.

Torin loves to travel and have adventures! She has a degree in Biology and wants to become an animal behaviorist. Torin says, “ I know how stressful leaving your fur babies can be, even if just for a few days, so I’m very happy to provide some peace of mind to clients that their furry family members are well loved and cared for while they are away. I love meeting and connecting with animals of all species, so I feel so lucky that I get to do that as a job!” Torin joined our team in October 2022, and we are thrilled to have her!

“I love this pictures of the pups playing together! I always look forward to them and they make me smile during rough days at work! Thank you!” – Heidi B.
Leanne Pet Sitter



Pet Sitter

Leanne joined Merry Puppins in October 2022. Originally from Butler, PA, Leanne grew up with lots of animals, including big dogs, small dogs, cats, ferrets, lizards, Guinea pigs, fish and a chinchilla! Leanne lives with her husband and three dogs (some of whom have complex medical needs), cats, and chinchilla. Leanne is also passionate about helping injured wildlife, and has many success stories! She wants to become a rescue and transport volunteer with the PA game commission. Leanne is very creative and loves to create all kinds of things in her special craft room!

“Oh this is wondeful news! I’m so glad she’s so eager to see you now, and I love hearing about her being such a good girl! Your write up and pictures made me smile just when I was missing her, thank you for all you do!!” – Niki P.
Nancy Pet Sitter



Cat Care Specialist

Nancy is originally from Ohio, where she grew up with dogs and a parakeet. She is now a Certified Cat Lady who lives with 4 cats- 3 rescued from a parking lot, and 1 foster failure. She has worked with TNR (trap/ neuter/ release for feral cats) and helped set up the permanent veterinary clinic for the Homeless Cat Management Team. Nancy teaches microbiology and loves taking care of kitties for Merry Puppins in her free time. She’s thrilled to be part of the team since November 2022.

“Thanks Nancy for the sweet feedback, pictures, and TLC to Maddie cat. Love that she gets lap time and pets. That purr makes us know she’s so happy with you! Thanks again!” – Andrea and Mike M.

Shari Pet Sitter



Pet Sitter

Shari began as a Merry Puppins client and loved our service so much that she wanted to join our team! Originally from Washington, PA, Shari enjoys all the trails and nature in Pittsburgh. Shari loves how pet friendly our city is, and knows all the best spots to take dogs! She is an avid gardener and starts her seedlings every spring. She also enjoys bird watching, hiking, bicycling, and basically anything in nature. Shari has had pets for her entire life, including horses, dogs, cats, and fish. Shari knows what it’s like to worry about your pets, and loves helping to bring peace of mind to our clients.




Dog Walker

Originally from Ellwood City, PA, Tyler grew up with dogs and guinea pigs. He is excited to be caring for dogs here at Merry Puppins, and lavishes them with all the love and attention they deserve! Tyler also volunteers at Humane Animal Rescue Pittsburgh: Wildlife Center, where he takes care of patients while they’re being rehabilitated for release back into the wild. Tyler is excited to be a member of our team since March 2023.

Meara Pet Sitter Merry Puppins



 Pet Sitter

Meara joined our team in August 2023. Meara is from Ohio, where she worked at a large animal shelter and gained lots of pet care experience. Her family is still in Ohio and she visits frequently, especially to spend time with all her family pets. Meara has a degree in Criminal Justice, and also works as an advocate for the elderly. Meara cares deeply about animals and social justice issues. She is so happy to be able to provide peace of mind to both the pets she works with, as well as their people, when they cannot be together.

Joey Pet Sitter Merry Puppins



Dog Walker

Joey joined the Merry Puppins team as a Dog Walker in the summer of 2022, before he started grad school at the University of Pittsburgh. He rejoined us in Summer 2023 and will be staying on for the next year, until he starts Medical School at Duquesne University! Joey enjoys playing soccer and staying physically fit. Joey’s heart is full of love for dogs and it’s clear that dogs love him right back! Joey is originally from Lewisburg, PA, and currently lives in Pittsburgh with his girlfriend.

Kelsey Pet Sitter Merry Puppins



Dog Walker

Kelsey is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh, where she studies biology and pre-dental subjects. She is originally from Orefield, PA, where she lived with her family, and always at least 4 dogs, as well as hamsters, frogs, and bunnies. Kelsey grew up assisting her mom (a Dog Trainer) with agility training for Papillons and Border Collies. Kelsey loves being outdoors and playing tennis. She enjoys all the unique restaurants and cafes in Pittsburgh. Kelsey joined our team in August 2023, and is very excited to meet all the dogs we work with!

Sarah Pet Sitter Merry Puppins



Pet Sitter

Sarah joins our team with a strong background as a Veterinary Technician with experience in an emergency setting, and has also worked at Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh. Growing up in the Steel City, Sarah took classes at the Pittsburgh Zoo, learning about the animal kingdom, implementing new enrichment activities for the animals housed at the zoo, and conducting research projects (primarily focused on the elephants). Sarah loves attending sporting events and quirky celebrations like Picklesburgh. Sarah also enjoys outdoor activities and spending time with her Shiba Inu, Nala. She loves the Pittsburgh landscape, especially how green it is! Sarah is so excited to meet more Pittsburgh furriends and share adventures with them! She is pictured here with her pal Lubna.

“Hi Sarah! Thanks for the great pics!!! Looks like you guys had a fantastic time! He sure looks happy 😊 -Barbara B.”

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