Frequently Asked Questions

All of our most asked questions are listed here. If your question isn’t answered on this page, then please get in touch! We’d be happy to help.

What communities do you serve?
The East End of Pittsburgh and surrounding areas, including Aspinwall, Sharpsburg, and O’Hara.
Can you care for my pets if I live outside of your service area?
If you live near our service area, or you aren’t sure if you do, please give us a call and we will check on your location. Services outside our regular service area may be limited to certain times of the day, and may incur an additional fee.
I am a new client. Can you take care of my pets tomorrow?

Unfortunately, no. We need adequate time to meet your pets, schedule a New Client Consultation, and prepare your visit instructions. Please allow 7-10 days for onboarding, so that we are fully prepared to give your pet the best care.

Will my pet have the same person caring for them each time?
Your pet is likely to have several BFF’s, as we work in small teams. We want to provide reliable, consistent service while also respecting our team member’s schedules. So it’s best for most pets to get to know two or three Team Members who can care for them. This also helps your pet have more socialization experience.
My dog is really anxious. How will you help them?
For anxious and nervous pets, we use our very own Warm Handoff Protocol. This means we will schedule one person to establish a relationship with your pet. When they’re nice and comfortable, we’ll introduce them to a new friend. A Warm Hand Off helps your pet accept a new friend! Gradually, pets get used to having more friends and often get really excited to meet new ones! Seeing a pet become more social is one of the most rewarding aspects of our work.
How far in advance do I need to book?

Generally, once you’re all set up on our servers, you need to book in by 5 pm on Wednesday for the following week. For some longer services and travel care you will want to book as far in advance as possible to ensure availability.

For holidays, we send out email reminders with cut-off times.

How will you access my home?

We care deeply about your security. This is why we ask for two access methods when you sign up with us.

The primary method would be a keyless entry, an attached garage, or a key. Keys are safely secured in one of our lock boxes at your home.

The secondary method can be any backup method, most commonly a second copy of your key that stays on file. All of our keys are coded with a code that isn’t associated with your personal information.

How do I give instructions to my caregiver?

Everything should be discussed at the Meet and Greet.

If anything changes, please call and let the team know, or if it’s just for a specific day, you can leave a note on the visit in your app. You can update your info by logging into your account anytime- whenever it’s most convenient for you. You are also welcome to give us a call to discuss changes. For travel care, If we haven’t seen your crew in a few months, we will proactively reach out to review our info and see if anything has changed.

How can I communicate with my caregiver?
In your app, by responding to visit notes.
Where can I find the best testimonials about you?

Google, Facebook, or on our website!

What does it mean to be fear-free, positive-reinforcement animal caregivers?

Fear-free is a specific methodology we use throughout our training. We want pets to be happy to interact with us! We actively try to reduce stress in as many ways as possible. Our Team Members are trained on recognizing signs of stress in dogs, and we are very patient when working with nervous or anxious dogs. We give them the time and space they need to become friends with us. We also integrate cooperative care principles into our work, for example making a task into a game!

We don’t use prong collars, pinch collars, or shock collars. We use positive reinforcement and encouragement, and give as much autonomy, or freedom of choice, to animals as we can while always keeping them safe. We never force dogs to walk if they don’t want to. We don’t drag dogs, do any leash corrections, or jerk them around. We want to make each visit and interaction a positive experience so every animal is having fun and is happy the next time they see us.

We use treats, toys, and verbal encouragement to keep things positive all the time. Just a spoonful of sugar at all times with Merry Puppins!

Are you local? Why do you have an 833 phone number?
Yes, we are 100% local in the East End of Pittsburgh- we just have a fancy, toll-free vanity phone number so it’s easy to remember!

Get In Touch!

833- MRRY-PUP (833-677-9787)
We are excited to talk about your needs and learn about your pets! A phone call is the best way to get the intake process started. Once we talk, we can help set up an online account, and schedule you for a Meet and Greet so we can meet in person!