Our Services, Rates, &  Areas Served 

Dog Services

Does your pup need a potty break midday while you're at work or out of town? Would they love a walk around the neighborhood? Does your pooch need a breakfast companion? Dinner date? Extended playtime? Enrichment activities? Hike in the park? Tuck in service? We've got you covered 24/7. With your input, we will develop a plan personalized for your very good doggo. 

Cat  Services
Meow! Cat services are available at all times. Whether your cat needs playtime, snuggles, or just a servant to meet their demands, we are pleased to oblige. Purrrrr. 
Reptile, Etc...   Services
Small Furry Animal Services
Fish Services*
We are friends with rabbits, ferrets, rats, chinchillas, mice, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, and maybe even a hedgehog. We'd like to have more small furry friends. Let's get together. 
We are pleased to care for freshwater and pond fish, either in conjunction with other animals in your home (custom fee), or on their own.  

*Our experience with saltwater fish is limited. We encourage you to source knowledgeable care for sensitive fish.
Turtles, frogs, lizards, snakes? Yup, we love those too. If you have a pet dung beetle or tarantula, or something we've never thought of, let's talk. We like new friends. 

Bird  Services   
Wildlife Services
Urban Farm Animal Services
​Squawk! Chirp! We adore birds of all kinds and would love to meet your feathered family. 

Wildlife matters. If you are scheduling services and need your birdfeeders filled, or other neighborhood wildlife services, there is no extra charge.  If you exclusively need wildlife services, we are here for that too. Please contact us to discuss your needs. 
We are experienced with chickens, ducks, pigs, and donkeys and would love to meet more farm friends. 

Slumber Party Overnight Services
Are your furry friends used to having you around overnight? We are happy to provide  full slumber party services for anyone in your house (except humans). We will work with you to develop a plan that mimics the normal household routines at your place, keeping everyone on schedule while you are away.  If you don't see an option below that works for you, please contact us. We can develop custom options for your situation. 

Medical Visits
If you struggle with giving your friend meds, fluids, etc... we are here to help. Medical needs are included in the regular visit rate for all animals.  If you need us to come by when you are home to help with medical needs, please contact us to discuss your situation and we will find a rate that fits the bill.
Feral Cat Colony Services
We are experienced with caring for feral cat colonies. If you manage a feral cat colony and need a substitute while you're away, we provide professional, competent service in all weather. 


Potty Break — ​$15.00
15 minutes, canines only, midday only, full service area only.

30 Minute Visit — $20.00
Our standard visit, designed to meet the needs of your family. 

45 Minute Visit- $23.00
When 30 minutes isn't quite enough, but 60 is too much, 45 might be just right!

60 Minute Visit — $26.00
Longer visit for multiple animals, more exercise, or heavy duty snugglers.  

90 Minute Visit- $36.00
It's half of a Jolly Holiday!

Jolly Holiday! — $64.00
Oh, it's a Jolly Holiday with Merry!
Our Jolly Holiday is 3 hours of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious fun! 

Slumber Party!— $80.00
Guaranteed to be a minimum of 12 hours, typical arrival between 7-8 pm, with departure at 7-8 am.
Includes walks in either pm or am,  if desired. 

Super Duper Slumber Party! — $105.00
Guaranteed to be a minimum of 15 hours, typical arrival at 5-6 pm, departure at 8-9 am.
Includes both pm and am walks, if desired.

Feral Cat Colony Care
Add on to other visits, at or adjacent to visit location — $5.00
Without other visits — $10.00 - $15.00, depending on needs

Maintenance Visit* — $15.00​​
15 minutes, must be approved, see below for more information
*Maintenance Visits​​​
​*Maintenance visits are not appropriate for many situations. They are only available when an animal requires minimal maintenance type care (food/ water/ litter) and no social interaction. Minimal services are provided.

So you have a menagerie?
So do we. Fur real. We know how hard it is to travel when you have a full house. We will work with you on a solution that takes care of the whole crew. 
Pooper Scooper Services
​​We always pick up the poop.  If you don't pick up the poop in your yard, you may add on Pooper Scooper services at custom intervals and rates. Talk with us for more info. Pooper Scooper services are only available in conjunction with animal care. 

Wedding and Special  Occasion Services

Merry Puppins is pleased to offer Wedding & Special Occassion Services so that your family members can be part of your big day.  As you celebrate your special occassion, you probably want your whole family to be there- not left behind at home! And of course, everyone should be in the pictures!   Merry Puppins will meet with you in advance to discuss your needs and preferences for the big day, and create a comprehensive plan. 

On the day of your event,  your Merry Puppins Animal Caregiver will  arrive at the designated time to visit with your crew. We work on whatever is needed- whether that involves playing hard or staying calm, we help keep everyone in the best frame of mind during the hustle and bustle. We may take a walk until you have left your home, or even head out to play and burn off some energy. Later, Merry Puppins will bring your crew to the event site to participate and appear in photographs.  If you are headed off on your honeymoon, we can schedule animal care to follow. 

All regular animal care fees are listed above. On site special occassion care starts at $36/ hour. Please keep in mind that while Merry Puppins is indeed magical, sometimes not even a spoonful of sugar is enough to make all animals demonstrate their best teatime manners in all situations. 
*Yes, that is a fish in a wedding veil. Merry Puppins supports all love. #lovewins
What's Included?
Pretty much everything. Playtime, walks, enrichment activities, feeding, litter, bedding changes, snuggles, and love,  all included. 

We do not charge extra for medication or fluid administration.

While you are away, we take care of all household tasks, such as bringing in mail, taking the garbage out, bringing in the garbage cans, changing lighting, and watering houseplants. 

Care of gardens is be available on a case by case basis and may be subject to an upcharge. 

Other household cleaning services are not available.

We always leave your house in the same condition (or better) than we find it.

Areas Served​​

Full Service

East Liberty 
Fox Chapel
 Point Breeze
Polish Hill
Regent Square
Sharpe Hill
Stanton Heights
Strip District
Squirrel Hill
Swisshelm Park
Troy Hill
Washington's Landing

Limited Service

Allison Park
Forest Hills
Laketon Heights
North Shore
Penn Hills
Spring Garden
Spring Hill
All services are available at all times in our full service areas. 
For limited service areas, our availability may vary depending on your needs.  Please contact us for more details. We will work with you as much as possible to find a solution, however midday potty breaks are not available in limited service areas. 

If you are interested in services outside of our current coverage area, please let us know. In some cases, depending on your needs and our availability, we may be able to expand our area. In other cases, we may be able to refer you to another provider  in your area. 
Military & First Responder

We are proud to offer 10% off our regular rates for members of the military and first responders. Documentation required. 


If you require animal care while you are away on a humanitarian mission, we want to thank you for your work with a 10% discount. Documentation required.
Medical Crisis and Hospice
If you or a loved one is experiencing a medical crisis or hospice care, and are unable to fully care for your animals, we will work with you in an effort to keep animals with their people - either during a period of convalescence, or for as long as possible (for end of life situations). Please contact us to talk about your needs and how we can help. Sliding scale available, some services may be provided free of charge.