Pittsburgh Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services

We love pets! Our incredible team of Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters are ready to provide all the care your friends deserve!

We specialize in reliable, ongoing dog walking services. We love to build relationships with the dogs we work with, and deliver consistent, detailed care.

We also just LOVE providing travel care for cats and small animals!

Neighborhood Dog Walks & Potty Breaks

Neighborhood Dog Walks & Potty Breaks

Let us set you up with an ongoing dog walking schedule so you can relax and rest assured that we will be there for you and your pup. We can set up a custom schedule that works best for you- we work with clients who have all sorts of schedules- whether you need a daily M-F walk, work early one week and late the next, work one week on/ one week off, or work long shifts, we will work with you to set your pup up for success! As with all our services, we provide customized, 1:1 care (no pack walks). We use the words and phrases you use with your dog to maintain consistency. Dog walks include water bowl wash and refill, pets, playtime, and enrichment activities, and we are always happy to give treats if you would like us to!

Special situations: Nervous dogs, strong pullers, and reactive dogs- we use positive reinforcement only to work with your dog’s special needs.

Love hearing how he handled that hurdle so well! It’s typically especially tough for him when it’s right out of the gate like that, so we’re especially proud! Thanks for working with him so well!” – Katie P.

Neighborhood Dog Walks & Potty Breaks

Canine Adventure Hikes

Some dogs need more vigorous activity, more enrichment, and more adventure! We will take your dog to a nearby park to hike on a trail. Many of our clients LOVE that they schedule neighborhood walks several days per week in combination with a weekly hike for extra fun and exercise!

“A number of years ago, Evie & I went on hikes. She has missed them so when you took her on a hike she must have been delirious with joy. Karey you picked a wonderful place for a hike. I noticed Evie didn’t want you to leave after the hike 🙂 Hearing and then reading them was the highlight of the day for both Jeff and me. Thank you for giving Evie such a wonderful time. Oh your photos showed Evie’s how special the hike was for her.” – Kate P.
Travel Care for Cats, Small Animals, Birds, and Fish<br />

Travel Care for Cats, Small Animals, Birds, and Fish

We provide customized care for pets while you are away. We offer a wide variety of service lengths and times to best meet your needs and maintain consistency for your pet(s). Cats, rabbits, and other small friends get exactly what they need every day while you are away. We monitor your pets’ health, serve their meals just the way they like them, provide enrichment and mental stimulation, and also look after your home- bringing in the mail and monitoring to ensure all is well.

“All the kitty visitors were great, very patient and creative with my shy ones. Thank you!” – Mary Ellen P.

Neighborhood Dog Walks & Potty Breaks

Travel Care for Dogs

Our dog walking clients get the exclusive benefit of travel care for their dog(s). Your dogs already know us and love us, so we are the next best thing to you being home yourself. Let’s talk about the options that will best meet your needs while maintaining routines that keep your dog(s) comfortable at home.

“There aren’t enough stars to express our gratitude for your extra special pet care!!” Jennifer G.

Medical Situations

Our thoroughly trained pet sitters are able to administer medications including oral, topical, optical, and injections. We are able to administer subcutaneous fluids, too! Some services may have limited availability, so give us a call to talk about your special needs.


Our clients LOVE receiving our journals! We send a journal at each and every visit!

Our journals are detailed and provide the following information:

  • Visit date
  • Length of visit
  • Window of time
  • Dog Walker or Pet Sitter name
  • Arrival and departure times
  • Key events during our visit, including: (animal potty needs, water refilled, meal served, treats given, mail or package brought inside, plants watered, garbage taken out etc.)
  • A GPS map of our visit
  • PLUS, a note about your furry friend and our time together
  • AND, cute pics!


Pricing for services varies based on the service provided, the length of service, and the complexity level of care. Clients who schedule recurring dog walks or hikes with us are eligible for a frequency discount. Some pets- for example medically fragile pets or those with behavioral concerns- may be designated as requiring a Senior Level Dog Walker or Pet Sitter, at a higher rate. We are happy to provide you with a custom rate for services once we learn more about your needs. Get in touch for more information!

Is Merry Puppins the Right Fit?

If these sound like you and your pet, you’ll fit right in!


This isn’t a one-time need. I need help with my pet on a regular basis.


My pet does best with consistent care, and I want to build a relationship with a professional care provider.


I care about modern, knowledgeable care for my pet. I want to know that my pet care provider always has well-trained, safety conscious Team Members who will give me up-to-date reports.

Booking Process

The team at Merry Puppins can’t wait to meet you and your furry, feathered, or scaly family members!

We will make sure from the very first moment of our time together that your pet feels safe, loved, and cared for, and you can rest assured with peace of mind!

Below is how our booking process works.

We want this to be as easy as possible for you, so if you have any questions, please ask!

Fill out the form on our website or give us a call!

Tell us about your needs, and we’ll recommend services that your pet will LOVE!

Next, you’ll be invited to create an account, complete your pet profile(s) in our app, and schedule a New Client Consultation.

We’ll visit your home to meet you and your pets. Here we'll gather all the information we need to set up you and your pet for consistent, quality care!

Welcome! We can provide you with an ongoing dog walking schedule and/or schedule travel care for your cats and/or other pets.

Get In Touch!

833- MRRY-PUP (833-677-9787)
We are excited to talk about your needs and learn about your pets! A phone call is the best way to get the intake process started. Once we talk, we can help set up an online account, and schedule you for a Meet and Greet so we can meet in person!