So, you want to work with animals?
Well, we're looking for the best!

If you want this choice position
Have a cheery disposition
Must write nice reports
And play games, all sorts
You must be kind, you must be witty
You must love dogs, you must love kitties
Take us on outings, give us treats
Sing songs, be sweet
Never be cross or cruel
Be ok with hairballs and drool
Love us as much as we love you
Clean our litter, pick up our poo
If you won't scold and dominate us
We will never give you cause to hate us
Just pass a background check
Get certified in Pet Tech
We will give you many kisses
Happy barks and fussy hisses
Hurry, animal lover!
Many woofs
All the paws,  feathers,  scales, and hooves

What You Need To Know:​​
You must truly love animals. This is non-negotiable. We don't hire people who just kind of like animals or think that working with animals might be an easy way to make some extra cash. Working with animals is much more than playing with cute kittens (oh, we get to do that!). You'll also be expected to:

  • Work with all types of animals- from well behaved therapy dogs to those who have behavior challenges and/or reactivity issues.
  • Occasionally work with animals who are ill, have chronic medical conditions, and/or are receiving hospice care. 
  • Work with different kinlds of domestic and urban farm animals. We do not discriminate based on breed. Note that you do not need to be experienced with all types of animals in order to apply. If there is a reason why you cannot work with a particular type of animal, talk with us about it!
  • Ensure the safety of animals in your care above all else.
  • Clean up after animals- including but not limited to: dog poo, cat and small animal litter, hair balls, vomit, and occasionally blood.
  • Write accurate, sensitive, detail oriented, and upbeat notes using proper grammar and punctuation. 
  • Arrive within designated time frames and manage your time appropriately. 
  • Sometimes provide care for multiple animals in the same household. 
  • Towel dry wet dogs and clean muddy paws. 
  • Occasionally administer medications and provide other supportive medical care. You will be fully trained. 
  • Enter many homes and deal with many keys and locks. 
  • Arm and disarm complex alarm systems. 
  • Constantly be on your very best behavior  in other's homes- we aim to leave no trace as far as cleanliness is concerned. 
  • Occasionally sleep in other people's homes. 
  • Be aware that we work some (but not all) holidays, weekends, evenings, overnights, etc...  We provide animal care  365 days per year, 24 hours per day. We don't expect you to be available 24 hours a day, but we need to know about your availability so that we can assure coverage for our clients. We respect your time away from work too. 
  • Be a team player.
  • Be aware that we cannot provide a fixed schedule or guaranteed number of hours. Your schedule will be based on the needs of our clients as well as your availability. 
  • Dress according to our practical and sensible dress code.   
  • Own a car and a posess a valid license and insurance. 
  • Pass a criminal background check. 
  • Possess or be willing to obtain a Pet Tech certification (Merry Puppins will assist).
  • Participate in ongoing trainings to stay up to date  with 1st Aid and CPR for dogs and cats, as well as other topics.
  • Have personal access to a smartphone (text messaging, email, internet browsing, camera) in order to use our app to record your visit data, pictures, and notes.
  • Be able to lift up to 45 pounds, and to work outdoors in extreme heat, extreme cold, rain, or snow.​​

Important: please do not apply if you do not live in or very close to our service area (map can be found on this website under 'services'). Due to the nature of the work, it does not make sense   to travel  from other locales. 


Flexible Scheduling

We are interested in hiring qualified candidates with a variety of availability. The more availability the better is the general rule-- but we are interested in hearing about your specific availability. We may need exactly what you have to offer! 

While we cannot provide a set schedule or guaranteed number of hours. Merry Puppins can be a great fit for those who need a flexible schedule for a variety of reasons. Going to school? Retired from another career? Want to work part time? If you have the right availability, the right attitude, and a true passion for animal care, we would love to work with you! 

Flexible Scheduling


All our employees are certified in Pet Tech. If you do not already have this certification, we will help you get it. We also provide ongoing trainings on multiple animal related topics to keep you fresh! You'll most likely find that our comprehensive training will be useful in many areas of your life- with your own animals and even in non-animal situations! 

Did we mention working with animals?

That's right! We work with animals all day every day! ​Jealous?
Join us!​​​

Supportive, Progressive Workplace

We have a very inclusive and supportive culture. We embrace diversity! Also, we want you to succeed in meeting your goals in life. We hope that working with Merry Puppins can help you along the way. 

Health & Wellness

We are all trying to be our best selves and live our healthiest lives. Working at Merry Puppins requires a lot of moving around, and can help you be more active. We support your fitness and wellness goals and encourage health in all aspects of your life. If you're trying to fit in more steps every day, you're welcome to join our fun team  steps challenge! 

Sound like a good fit? Get in touch!

Tell us about your experience working with animals.
Tell us about any animals you share your home with- both current and previous.
What neighborhood do you live in?
Do you currently have a reliable form of transportation, as well as a valid license and insurance?
Why are you interested in working with Merry Puppins?
Do you have a criminal background?
What volume of work are you looking for? Please provide a description of your availability.
Are you available to stay overnight in client's homes?
Are you available to work evenings, weekends, and holidays? Please list any availability concerns.
Are you currently employed? Are you looking to leave or supplement your current position?
Please tell us about your long term goals.
Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?
How did you hear about Merry Puppins? Were you referred by a Team Member or client?